Creating more inclusive working environments for People with Disabilities (PWD)

  • To Begin the Journey

    Download the helpful "Beyond Access" Guidebook Now

  • Enabling Employees Just Got Optimized

    Our accommodations discovery, request, and processing tool allows employees of all abilities to quickly and intuitively create accommodations packages.


    Ability Enabled helps employers implement an agile accommodation approval process.


    From 3 weeks per Employee to 3.5 minutes per Team

  • A Better Process

    You've Got the People and You've Got the Resources: Now Just Get Them Together



    Check templates of in-office symptoms or customize your own



    Pick your accommodation, and add to your cart.



    See request for accommodation and solicit additional info if necessary



    Enter your office address and pay with credit, debit, or PayPal in app's Amazon API.



    We'll support you and your employees from accommodation requested to received.

  • Who Benefits?

    Employees, HR, and the entire Company


    Discovery - Learn Which Accommodation is Right for You


    Improvement - Do Your Best Work Every Time


    Recruiting - Get the Upside of an Underutilized Talent Pool


    Retention - Stop Losing Your Best Employees to a Lack of Well Distributed Resources


    Diversity - Open yourself to new neurological and experiential candidate backgrounds, and the innovation and revolutionary iteration opportunities that follow


    Inclusion - Accelerate the creation of safe spaces by allowing employees to feel connected and loyal to a company that cares about their wellbeing

  • Case Management Information

    in real time


    Human Resource representatives and Talent Managers receive accommodation requests in real time.


    Ability Enable automatically provides actionable business intelligence insights based on analysis of employee submissions by organizing common requests. Thematically similar needs from different teams in the organization are even grouped together for convenience.


    Export anonymized employee and team trends to Excel or Google Sheets in a tap of a button.

  • Inclusive Design


    - For vision, Ability Enabled supports the iOS VoiceOver screen reader making it easier for users that with limited vision. For example, instead of tapping to activate a button, a user can tap the button to hear a description of it. Also users can have VoiceOver speak each completed word, as opposed to individual characters as they are being typed.

    Motor Skills-Aware

    - For physical and motor skills, our app supports the iOS built-in AssistiveTouch allowing users to enter Multi-Touch gestures using one finger or a stylus.

  • Why Now?

    Discreet, quick, and reliable.

    For Employees

    Empowered Forum, Dynamic Reviews

    Ability Enabled provides a place to discover new accommodations solutions and give your opinion on resources you already use

    For HR

    Simplified, Data-Driven Approach

    Ability Enabled quickly integrates into HRM products you already use

    For the Company

    New Opportunities in Talent Attraction

    Ability Enabled lets you leapfrog the competition in attracting and retaining diverse talent before the 2020 labor shortage hits

    For Everyone on the Team

    Inclusion, Accessibility, Efficiency

    Enabled is an enterprise mobile application that allows HR and employees to discover, request, approve, and purchase workplace accommodations. Embedded data visualization tools allow the team to track costs, increased efficiency, and trends that inform AI-based automated suggestions for increased team performance.

  • Our Team and Advisors

    CEO, Co-Founder, Boulder, CO

    Google - Associate Account Strategist

    Speaker on Disabled Intersectionality

    COO, Co-Founder, Atlanta, GA

    Zoom Video Communications - FP&A Intern

    Information Systems and Operations Mngt. Major

    Lily Yunqiao Xu

    Co-CMO, Co-Founder, London, England

    Team Up Hub- Asst. Marketing Manager

    Amplify Trading- Trainee

    Cynthia Overton

    Advisor- Corporate D&I Operations

    Experienced operational oversight researcher for

    corporate disability and inclusion (D&I) projects

    Rene Forsythe

    Advisor- Advancement of Employees With Disabilities

    Director of Professional Development for Lime Connect

    Counsels candidate assessment, tracking, and promotion

    Tey Scott

    Advisor- Employee Talent Management

    Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition for LinkedIn

    20 Years of Recruiting Experience

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